I was a satisfied customer of USAA until I had to deal with your homeowners department. Their agents and adjusters are apathetic and lazy. I've seen this kind of horrible customer service usually at KMart and any coffee shop run by teenagers. That being said. As soon as USAA can get around to being gracious to handling my claim....they can't seem to be bothered to return my calls or emails right now....it's going on two weeks....I'll be finding a new company and encouraging my extended family to do the same. Shame on you USAA for letting your homeowners department be the bad apple of your company.


It its true there are many company's that have young people in important position's but, do not have the seasoned knowledge or expertize an older and long time employee would carry with them and bring a more professional aproch to each customer they service.

I just got off the phone today with a senior representative in the home mortgage department.  FRUSTRATION is the only word that can describe my feelings at this point in time. 


I was almost at the very end  closing on a home refinance when I received a call from the loan processor stating there was a problem because we didn't have a "private road agreement" on file with our county.  You say, what is a private road agreement??  Even my county officials and officials at FannieMae were not aware of this obscure new rule that states in order to sell your home that faces a privately owned road you must have an agreement in writing about how the road is maintained, and what to do if someone defaults on their responsibilities to maintain it.  All homeowners on the road have to sign it and it has to be recorded in the county records.  Because this is a new FannieMae regulation (April 2014) nobody even knows about it.  USAA would not accept any "grandfathering" to this regulation even though our road is over 20 years old. 


USAA loan processor was not honest enough to just say that their underwriters refused funding the loan.(even though they could have still done it according to the regulation)   She kept saying "it was out of their control" due to FannieMae-placing all the blame on FannieMae. 


My advice to USAA is if this is so darn important and you are willing to refuse a loan over it, then one of the questions you need to ask right up front is "do you leave on a public or private road?"  If that loan officer had asked me that in the very beginning of the loan process, we wouldn't have wasted all this time!  Since this is such a new regulation I can tell you NOBOBY has one on file with their county, much less even know what it is.   I live in Pima County in Arizona, where many people live on private roads-and these houses are not shacks-mine alone is worth close to half a million dollars. 


Very disappointed in USAA.  I have everything with them-life insurance, car insurance, home insurance  investments, and credit card.  I had wanted to move my home mortgage with them-not anymore! They do not look at cases individually; they have become a huge corporation that no longer looks out for veterans and their families.

Dear Debi P,

I am so very sorry for the experience you have had. I would like to get you in touch with a specialist as soon as possible so that we can handle your claim. Please email us at [expired email] and include your claim number and member number. Thank you



I am responding to an email you sent me years ago.  Not only has my problem never been resolved, but I am still here 3 years later dealing with the same monster of an account manager/claims adjuster who has systematically refused to pay my claim even after I went through the legal system and your appraisal process.  I have come back with a court ordered umpire's decision and yet Mr. **** still drags his feet on every single dollar of my claim.  He is dead set on not paying me.  He has made it his personal  mission to see that  do not get one dollar that I am owed.  I have hired a public adjuster.  I have gone through the legal system.  I have sent him legal precident after legal precident sghowing that the things he is doing is not only unethical and immoral, but skirts on the fringes of legality.  I have looked the other way when legal deadlines passed and he refused to respond.  I have given him consideration that he does not give me.  He is the worst part of your comnpany. If my claim is not settled soon, I will begin a social media campaign to let everyone know exactly what has happened to me.  Put Mr. ***** to work in an area that  does not involve customer relations.  He is a bad spot on your apple.  For three years he has systematically taken everything I have ever owned from me.  I am working now in the trenches to save the lives of people around me...in a war that can't be won,.  Treat me like I matter.  Treat me like the warriors you talk about on your commercials.  I am your defender in this war.


Thank you

Carol K,

I am very sorry to hear about your situation, I have responded to your other post here

Thank you

I can relate with these customers, although fortunately for me it has only been for minor issues. From the looks of it USAA has done a complete 180 from customer oriented based upon service members to a money driven empire that could care less about anything but profit, but hey at least they have great marketing skills. I will be leaving USAA as soon as possible.


Wow do I agree with you! USAA's mistake cost me $1,500.00 in a program that untill USAA messed up big time I was 100% qualified. USAA can't or won't say how it all happened. They denied refunding me the monies I would have gotten from the state. I feel they won't reimburse me because that would be admitting they screwed up !

I don't agree with the comments made about the mortgage section of USAA.  I made a slight mistake.  It turns out that I tried to submit two online payments one month, well when they continue to try to deduct the amount from your account, that throws the whole system out of synch.  Needless to say, they wanted me to send in certified funds i.e via Western Union for 12 months.  Now mind you, I bank pretty much exlusive with USAA for over 10 years.  Just bought the house and getting settled into the routine. Oops!  I contacted everyone and was getting pretty iritated, but evetentually came to a compromise of sending certified funds in for only six months.  All I do is request a check from USAA and pay a whole $5.00 fee for them to send it to their Mortgage Processing Center.  No biggie.


I got emails and phone calls returned from managers when they said they would.  Lesson learned: keep better track of payments that have been made.

Dear Jo-Jo,

We would like to have a specialist look into your situation. If you could please email us at [expired email] with your member number and some details about your situation, we will be in touch.Thank you