Yesterday I spent quite some time on the phone with a representative discussing moving my homeowners insurance to USAA.  I submitted a wind mitigation inspection and received a quote which I accepted.  I received multiple email comfirmations and the new documents showed on my home page.  I advised my current insurance company that I would not be renewing.  This morning I received an email from USAA stating that a change had been made to the policy.  The change was the cost.  The price jumped over $400 a year.  I was told that USAA will not honor the original quote and that I could always cancel the policy if I was unhappy with the price.  It seems dishonest and unethical to me.  Anyone have a similiar experience?  Any idea who I can complain to?


Hi @Mikie3 thank you for bringing this to our attention, as this is concerning and we will have a specialist look into this issue and reach back out to you.