We have been USAA members for over 20 years... sad to say we just started getting quotes from Allstate and State Farm.<br>Our last homeowners claim was bungled so badly... took weeks to get an adjuster out, we were accused of LYING (the contracted adjuster claimed he had tried to contact us several times, with us not responding. USAA decided to believe him until I asked to email my phone records), and we were told to go ahead and send it $570 of dry cleaning (clothing covered in mold)... then denied the claim. Our USAA adjuster would ONLY use secure messaging and wouldn’t return calls, so far too much was lost in translation.<br>Considering we had $6,000 in losses and damages, and ended up with a $470 payment, it wasn’t worth filing, as our rates will just go up, and the experience was awful. We were treated like “just a number”.<br>It’s the job of the folks who work in the insurance department of USAA to be educators, as well as adjusters... explain the process to your clients. Keep them solidly abreast of the steps, the possibility they may fall short of coverage, and offer sage advice as to whether or not they should spend precious money prior to 100% knowing if the insurance claim will follow through.<br>Fortunately, all of this was through that silly secure message, so the unhelpful and cold exchanges are saved... proof USAA doesn’t see customer service as a priority.