I been with USAA for over 20 year, and I believe to have been loyal to you. Last week I had an issue with getting roadside assistance, and you did not care of what my situation was (and never got resolved) so today I called you since now I'm wondering why I stayed loyal you about my home owners insurance (which I'm paying to much), and your representative told me that it was that high because to many people have put claims in. (I have zero) when I ask her why I was being punish for others claims, she explain that's how insurances work. When I told her I was going to shop around for a new insurance she told me that it was my choice, this is not the USAA I remember. I am looking to remove my home and auto insurance and eventually my investment and backing all together.
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They wont reach out and if they do there will be nothing they can do.

Exactly. Nothing they will be able to do unless you decide to significantly cut the your coverages and increase your deductibles. At that point, you'll still end up paying a pretty penny for a stripped down coverage. Not worth it at all. Another big difference between today and 30+yrs ago? USAA focused on their members and stayed out of politics and certain social causes. Now it seems they've become one of those organizations trying to be something other than a bank or insurance company. Talking about losing focus. Our family did away with the banking part about three years ago. Now we're looking at the insurance side. My policies are pretty basic so anything I decide to do now, will save me even more money if I leave this sinking ship. My daughter is looking a new vehicle and I told her to shop elsewhere for her insurance needs. I'm shopping around as well.

USAA CSR: No need to escalate my comment. Nor do I want to contacted by anyone at USAA.

Well stated.

Smart move leaving USAA.

@Goose4x4t this isn't good to hear and not the member experience we want anyone to have, I will forward this to be reviewed and we will reach back out to you. - Ralph