Here in Texas, outside Houston, my neighborhood has been invaded by a business that has no compunction about hiring live bands to blast al fresco music at full volume (50-70dB) on a regular basis during what should be the most peaceful hours of the evening/night. My walls feel as though they are trembling! We can't even watch a movie to distract us because the loud music is like a radio playing in the same room! The speakers at that bar are obviously cranked up far too loudly! There have been numerous complaints, of course. One neighbor was visibly shaking due to the disturbance when she drove to my house to ask if I knew anything about it. What I've learned is that the business is a bar that serves wine. They have gates that prevent anyone but their chosen "guests" from accessing the property. I also know this: This business sets the bands up right next to my neighbor's back fence!

Area law enforcement tells us the business has every right to conduct its affairs in this horrid way. One officer even told me she thought the music was nice! The constables office had been summoned several times in the past but never succeeded in restoring the peace and quiet. I was recently told they had had a lot of calls complaining about the noise from several other neighbors, too. They say they can't put a stop to the noise disturbances.

What I'd like to know is like is why don't we homeowners have rights that supersede that business??! My husband and I paid a decent good price for our house ten years ago. We spend a lot more in taxes and HOA fees than other people I know. Don't we have every right to the peacefulness of the neighborhood that has been here since 1970?! What recourse do we have?

I'm looking for ideas on how to regain tranquility in this neighborhood. What do y'all think can be done?


Go to the municpal authorities and check all the local ordinances in regard to noise levels, business affairs, neighborhoods, etc.


Hire a lawyer if you have too. I've been in sitautions like this in the past, that is why I now live as far away from other people as possible. No civility anymore and business intersests seem to supersede the interests of tax paying homeowners. Go to the county commision, the media, social media, whereever until you get this grievence redressed. You have EVERY RIGHT to be upset! 

Thank you for the reply n8tureboy. I've learned I can about noise, and because there are no zoning restrictions they are allowed to put a bar in the neighborhood. The weird thing is an elementary school has been scheduled for years to be built across the street from them! They may be an ordinance preventing their business in that case.

It's frightening that other parts of the country have this same problem. It's not the first time business interests in the Houston area have harmed my household with no plausible recourse for us against the offenders. I've been advised that "karma" will prevail, but it's not something for which I'll be holding my breath!

As to alerting social media, USAA member community is part of my reaching out for help. Your comments are helpful, very appreciated.