Will our homeowner's insurance premium go down if we get quto insurance thru USAA as well? 


Thanks for reaching out, @Davesmrb! We do offer Auto and Homeowners combination savings. To get an auto quote click on this link: https://bit.ly/2vrlT1Q and if you need assistance or have questions you can click "Contact USAA" on the top right-hand corner from the quote page. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Thank you! -Cynthia 

The absolute best way to lower your USAA homeowners and auto insurance is to shop around and leave USAA.  USAA's rates can easily be beaten by other companies.  This version of USAA is not what it was in the past.  It is an absolute disgrace what has happened to USAA.

@Dave, Doubt it, but you can join the rest of us who's premiums have regularly gone up, and reminded about their "world class service" 😂. Not 33+yrs will get you a discount. Sad but true. I have a couple months to do some research myself. The question isn't necessarily about the premiums. The real question is--will you be able to deal with claims not being paid out. That seems to be an increasing concern with current customers. All you have to do is Google "USAA not paying insurance claims." Bigbb was right, there are options out there. Just need dedicate some spare time to do some research.