Homeowner Insurance 100% Rates Hike, Calfornia

Am I the only one, or is it happening to everyone in California?  My proposed policy for the next 6-month is 100% higher.  It was $400 and now it will be $800.  What it happening?  Is it me or is it everyone in California who is being hit with such a drastic rate hike?


@2LTUSA, I can certainly understand your concern with the premium increase. So that we can review your policy and the reason for the increase, please give us a call at 800-531-8722 or chat with a specialist by selecting your policy and clicking "Contact USAA" on the top right-hand corner. -Cynthia 

I called USAA last night and was told they had no idea why it was doubled, hence my inquiry this morning addressed to the community or anyone who would listen.  "I have no idea" is just not acceptable when you raise my rate by 100% overnight.  I really would like someone to articulate a more proper justification.

@2LTUSA, I'm sorry to hear you did not get the answers you were looking for. I am escalating your concerns for further review. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly so we can provide some answers for you. Thank you. -Cynthia 

You must understand that this horrendous rate increase is necessary so that the CEO can make his $5,000,000.00 yearly income and so that USAA can give money to woke causes.

Last week, I got the same coverage for my home from a competitor for $250 (or 30%) less.  This morning, I told USAA I would not renew my homeowner policy, when my current policy expired.  It is sad, since I have been doing business with USAA since 1991.

Hello @2LTUSA, I am saddened to hear that we couldn't compete for your insurance needs.  I certainly get your rate concerns and know we truly appreciate your longtime membership of 30 plus years with USAA.  We hope we can be of service again for your insurance needs down the road and please don't hesitate reaching out to us via chat, phone or through social media channels to assist in addressing your insurance concerns and questions.  ~Marco

USAA Social Service - Why would @2LTUSA want to return to USAA and pay more and receive lousy customer service?  I guess your paycheck is keeping you from seeing what has been intentionally done to USAA. Or you are happy with getting paid to type lies to toe the company line.  It is an absolute disgrace what has been done to USAA.  I am eagerly awaiting your non-response to me.

I'm realising the same.  I've been loyal for 35 years, no losses or added costs to USAA but my homeowners insurance is 2x what any other carrier is.  WTF, this is insane and wrong and unfortunate.  To my fault, I relied on USAA as over the prior years they outdid/ outbid anyone.  All downhill since, unfortunately.

@Tetontrav I regret to hear of your disappointment in the rates you were provided, as it's never our intent to make our members feel this way. I will forward this feedback to our social team, as we always look for ways to improve and serve our members better in the future. If at anytime you would like to have your policy reviewed to ensure you are getting the best rate we have. Please send us a private message and we will be happy to help. - Ralph