I've had USAA for about 10 years now and it seems like every year there service gets a little worse and they become more profit driven and less service member focused.

My first mortgage through USAA went absolutely horrible as my agent was unavailable, disorganized, and terrible at communicating. Now where about to buy our second home with USAA and we're only days into the process and I'm already disgusted. The numbers my mortgage specialist when I locked in my rate gave me for insurance/taxes weren't even close to what they turned out to actually be, which puts my overall payment (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) about 100



First, thank you for your long time membership. I assure you USAA is focused on serving our members and would like to reach out to you to make sure this time around your mortgage experience is up to our service standards. A specialist will be reaching out to your shortly. Thank you for commenting and please keep us posted on the progress of your mortgage experience.