It looks like USAA isn't getting their money's worth with the home value monitoring service they're using. The market value of my home has changed overnight by as much as 20% for no apparent reason. The map indicates there have been no similar homes sold in my area. In fact it has never listed a property sold in my area although there have been over a dozen in the last couple of years and that information is readily available. Given the unreliability of the service USAA is using, the company might explore finding a service that does better research.


Zillow and Trulia's algorithms are wonky and fluctuate so much they cannot be trusted for much accuracy.  We take a look at our home's estimate and just smile a little at the occasional senselessness or illogical figures.  I think we all can only hope lenders and agents don't take these numbers seriously.  I wish I knew if that is the case.  

Welcome to today's USAA.  I had this same issue.  Called USAA to find out the problem.  Representative 'sprained it to me: home value affected by number of houses for sale/sold within 2 miles of my home.   No homes listed within 2 miles.  Informed them from the window where I was looking out, I saw 3 "for sale" signs.  So much for this USAA service.  Too bad that isn't an outlier.   USAA pays contractors to provide services.   But the service is cr***y   Wasting our money.