I have been with USAA for the past 13 years. I had applied for a home loan in the past and the market was not that great.  Just this year I decided to get back in the market and my wife called the back to get pre-approved. We were pre-apporved and we received the letter that told us to start on the house search.  All the paperwork was then uploaded to the USAA website. Everything had gone as planned and a week after the appraisal was completed the house appraised for $100 k less than we had asked for.


First, the loan officer Michael Johnson was horrible handling the case along with his Lead loan officer who did not have the curtesy to even aswer phone calls of emails in the absence of Michael Johnson vacation. I just wish that no other veteran of active duty member had to ever go through this. I will end up loosing $ 9300 due to USAA mistake that they did not do the paperwork correctly.


I wish I could share the paperwork here but it would be too much information shared.


Shame on you USAA


I will try to get rid of everything that I have with you as soon as I can.




Thank you for your 13 years of membership. I am sorry to hear of your recent experience. I have sent your comments over to our bank team for review. They will be reaching out directly to you to address your concerns.


Thank you for reaching out to us here in Community. 

Any members who want to file a complaint against USAA can do so through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau using the following link. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/