I just logged on to apply for a home loan preapproval and I couldn't find the button. I reached a representative only to find out USAA no longer allows online preapprovals. What happened?????  I am extremely disappointed in this. I have been a member for many years and this is probably the first time I have been unhappy with USAA. This is a huge step backwards! I am sure nothing will change with my one post but I would like to find out what happened.


USAA is changing the way they are doing these types of loans. I assure you this isn't to upset you but be patient and call them. They really do appreciate your loyalty.

Thank you for responding. I know it wasn't to upset me because it wasn't directed at me, it was just frustrating since we were able to do it all online last year and I couldn't find anything about the changes. I have already called them and got the preapproval and we have bought a house so everything is good to go :)  It was just frustrating at the time. Now time for the long process of starting the paperwork.



Congratulations on your home purchase!


You mentioned in your most recenty reply that USAA provided a pre-approval. Did what they sent you actually say "Pre-Approval"?  Did it state explicitly that USAA had committed to loan you up to a given amount? 


If so, they did for you what they told me several days ago they no longer were doing for any member.



It is called a prequalification letter and yes it has the amount on it. I think people are getting hung up on the symantics. Before it was called preapproval, I am used to that term, yes the letter says prequalification but it all looks the same to me. This wasn't what my initial post was about and people have taken it in a completely different direction. People are debating the difference between preapproval and prequalification; it doesn't make a difference to me, bank said we are "pre-qualified" for a certain amount and the sellers accepted it along with our offer. So I guess the next couple of months will determine if we actually get what we were "pre-qualified" to get.

Thank you for keeping us updated MichelleVA! We would love for you to continue to keep us posted on how your home buying process is progressing!!

There have been numerous mortgage rule changes over the last couple years which have resulted in major changes to how mortgages are handled.  USAA recently moved to a new platform to handle these changes.  


Not sure when if ever they will be able to get the process on line again, but do know that many of the new rules are creating a lot of issues for folks. I wouldn't be surprised if pre-qualification becomes the standard and pre-approvals becoming extremely difficult to obtain.

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post. We truly appreciate your feedback and your long time membership. Here is what is going on:


USAA is suspending certain products in order to accelerate the transition to a new loan origination system. Transitioning to the new system will enable USAA to provide more features and functionality resulting in a better experience for members.


We are working diligently to ensure that these online pre approvals are available later this year. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you again for posting here in the community!

As a forty year + member, I am not concerned that I cannot get online pre-approval or process a HELOC request on my computer.  I am, however, VERY concerned that I cannot get any idea of when (or if) USAA will resume handling this type of loan.  I understand that it has been (approximately) three months now, but it is difficult to plan for a major renovation of my home not knowing whether my bank will be able to handle my request soon ... or maybe never.

Hi Tanker Jim,


At this time, I do not have an update but have escalated your question and requested an update from our mortgage department. I will come back and post when I receive an update! Thank you fora taking the time to post here in the community.