Since I cannot find an actual email address for USAA...I will leave this right here.

A deployed member started buying a house prior to deployment...USAA was aware of this and said this would not be a problem.  First closing date 25 Nov, didn't happen because the payoff letter was not obtained until two days prior to closing...seriously.  Well the home was in foreclosure, so the POA (Power of Attorney) had to reschedule their flight and extend the car rental,because the closing was extended until the 03 December...that didn't happen either.  

Next closing date 23 December, didn't happened either, because the loan officers (there were 3 of them) neglected to tell the member that an Alive and Well Statement was needed for deployed members.  How was this omitted?? Especially when they knew of the deployment and told the member to have a POA in place.  I would like to know how can so many things can go wrong and NO ONE at USAA have any answers as to why nor did anyone try to compensate our loss of an additional $1800.00  due to the negligence of USAA employees.  
We had one loan officer that was removed from the case.  One loan officer that was on vacation who failed to provide or notify us of the Alive and Well Statement. The backup person for the second loan officer was not responsive during business hours.
When asked to be notified when the funds were sent nothing was received.  We had to reachout to them for a comfirmation of payment.  The loan was funded on the 24 December like anything is open then or the day after.
I understand the holiday played a role, but how can USAA speak about its supervisor service for our
men and women serving our country when they failed at the most basis level.
This process should not have taken over a month and the additional $1800 should not have been
incurred by an Airmen just trying to secure housing.  

Come on USAA you guys must do better!!  You guys stole Thanksgiving and Christmas from this military family!


Hi @Breezy08, we are sorry to hear about this experience. We'd like to make sure the feedback gets to the correct area. Can you please PM is with additional details so we can locate the loan file? Are you the member or the agent? Please provide property address or email address and phone number for the member. 

@USAA -   this seems to be a reoccuring problem with missed closing dates due to lack of communication on the part of USAA.  Any time this happens, any additional costs that occur should be the responsibility of USAA.  After awhile doesn't USAA get tired of their subpar customer service.  Our family has been there and done that with our refinancing - same problems - lack of communication, missed closing dates, and the list goes on.    We would never ever recommend that anyone use USAA for their mortgage services because once the mortgage closes, USAA outsources the mortgage servicing and USAA has not picked the cream of the crop to do this.  

@NSueZ, I've shared your information with our Mortgage team. We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback. ~Holland