Home buying in time of coronavirus social distancing

I am a married, retired totally disabled veteran with compensation plus social security and a small pension. My wife has her social security plus a generous retail clerks pension. I have an unused VA Home Loan Guarantee eligibility and have examined the rent vs mortgage comparisons.  I had a traditional but predatory mortgage in the 2008 recession and ended up taking a 'short sale' hit that took me ten years to recover from.  I currently rent an apartment and pay a hefty premium for a 'month-to-month' agreement to not have a lease to break if I find a house for my wife and myself.  Is this a good time to be looking to take advantage of the current low interest rates and buy again?  How are realtors doing business with social distancing?  


I would advise you to contact USAA to speak to a Loan Officer so they can review your current financial situation and provide you some guidance.  The market is still very active and I am sure each realtor takes there own precautions, but I cannot answer that question for how each realtor works with the current conditions.  What I can tell you is you are welcome to contact a realtor and interview them and inquire about their process and select one of your liking.  If you would like to speak to a Loan Officer at USAA, you can call 1(800)531-8722.  People are definitely still purchasing homes, the current situation has not halted the real estate market from conducting business.