Home Warranty - Worth it? If yes, who would you recommend?

Looking into several home warranty companies.  Is this coverage really worth the price?  If yes, who would you recommend?


Most def!! I have had a home warranty since owning my home. I used American Home Shield for a long time. Their deductible kept increasing. I recently switched to Choice Home Warranty. Got a great deal! For a little over $1000 (broken up in a 6 month payment). I received coverage for 3 years with a $45 deductible. I used it for the first time last week. So far so good.

Choice Home warranty has helped me big time. I work with a gentleman named Ray Cooper. I told him i am part of USAA and he gave me amazing rates so i can lock my rates in (home warranty companies usually increase the rates).  Not sure if i can leave his number on here but its 929-400-6123. 

Both US_AA Loyal and Chinta;


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Now, US_AA Loyal, as for your question.


1. The answer boils down to a simple subtraction problem (TOTAL COST SPENT ON WARRANTY PLAN minus TOTAL COST OF ALL WARRANTY REPAIRS).


  • Obviously if you spent an average of $300 per year for four years ($1200 total) and in the fifth year had a repair costing $2000 then you would say "YES, this home warranty was worth it!".

  • However, if you spent an average of $300 per year for four years ($1200 total) and in the fifth year had a repair costing $100, or even had no repairs done by then at all, then you would say "I DON'T KNOW if this home warranty was really worth it! Maybe I don't need one!".

2. There is no right or wrong here. Your warranty repair experiences will eventually answer the question - FOR YOU.


3. Here are two EXTERNAL LINKS which might provide some insight and help answer the question Buy or Not Buy.


4. Here are some additional EXTERNAL LINKS which might help answer the question What Is The Best Company?


Hope I have Helped.

I'm a REALTOR and Associate Broker in the real estate business for over 7 years and I have ALWAYS recommended a home warranty to my clients because it can help - especially in the first year if ownership, to be sure all systems are as you expect them to be and have no huge unexpected expenses. After that, I tell them it really is a matter of persona preference. It's a form of insurance ... What level of risk are you prepared to take?



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  1. I agree with your advice. For pre-built (non-new) homes it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED (for added mental peace) to request a Home Warranty from the SELLER. These Home Warranty Plans often last only 12 months. For new homes, these are often covered by a Builders Warranty, so buying a Home Warranty Plan is often not needed.

  2. I disagree with your assertion that Home Warranty Plans are a form of insurance. They are in reality a HOME SERVICE CONTRACT. Here is a quote from the following EXTERNAL LINK: Angie's List - Guide to Home warranties

    Even though home warranties aren't considered insurance, the companies that sell them are typically regulated by each state's department of insurance. According to the Service Contract Industry Council (found here), 32 states require home warranty companies to register or obtain a license with that state's department of insurance. This state agency is responsible for licensing the entity, examines the company for compliance of applicable laws regarding home warranty services and monitors the financial condition of the company for the protection of their clients.

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I am looking at renewing but shopping for the right Home Warranty, i do not like the HW i have now.


My question is, who would USAA recommend?? I dont want you to refer me to Angie's List. I dont like having to sign up for answers i can easily find in the phone book. I value USAA, that is why i am a member and continue to be loyal.


instead of deferring to someone or a website, can you just anwer the question truthfully. If you have no recommendations then just say you dont have any. I have never had USAA refer these comments. USAA has always had references in their database of contractors.


Please call and speak with a member services specialist on this - 1-800-531-8722. Thank you!

I actually just called and you all apparently don't offer home warranties..... I'm looking now for quotes and I thought I should check with you all first. 


Do you know a company that USAA might recommend? 

Wondering what home warranties are available in South Florida and also on Long Island, New York.   Not certain as to what is covered or even offered for my homes.   Any help is much appreciated.

I am also looking to review my home owner's policies in both locations and am not certain if USAA is an option.   
Any ideas/help...is appreciated.