Property 47 Gaskill St.

Property Description



This house has all New two year old and new upgraded appliances in black, a modern   kitchen, and updated bathrooms one with large whirlpool tub double sinks marble countertop. The basement is finished in marble tile 100% except furnace, which is brand new 95% efficient gas boiler. It also has a new 2014 50 year roof also guaranteed 100% by "GAF". The floors are wood & tile, stone, and marble. It has an ample back and front yard with an architectural stonewall in the front of the home. The attached garage is large enough to fit a full size PU truck and has an electric opener.



Why do you not have all this information? It makes your valuation worthless and misleads people.





Hi WIlliam,


In many cases the county is reporting incorrect information, so that is the best place to start if you have square footage or room count issues. I would reccomend contacting  your local tax assessor's office to ensure they have the correct infromation listed for your home. 


Regarding the value; this service is meant to be an estimate based on similar homes for sale in the market. Please keep in mind that this evaluation does not take into account special features or upgrades you may have completed.


I hope this helps.Thank you commenting.



*I have removed your last name from your post to protect your privacy




You state my home value at $315k but your appraisal for a refi valued it at $468k.  Seems to be a problem with your source.