Has anyone else noticed that their home value monitoring has changed?  Our home value is way off by more than $200,000 from just a few months ago when I looked.  I only just noticed it on my last logon last week.  It is definitely not correct.  Does this have any effect on my insurance value?  If so, this needs to be corrected. 


Hi there, @ladybug67. The Home Value Monitoring tool captures the market value. Your home insurance policy "dwelling coverage" accounts for rebuild cost. They are different measurements of value, so one wouldn't affect the other. We are certainly happy to review your home policy with you further though! Please, feel free to connect with us via chat on USAA.com or by dialing 800-531-8722 to get started! :) ~ Steven

I think my rebuild cost is fine.  What concerns me is where you are getting your home value figures from.  If you look at redfin or zillow our home value is over $200,000 more and I know our market is not depressed.  As of now it appears that my assessed value is much higher than your value and I know for certain that the assessment is correct.  What changed in getting the home values you show?  It was much more accurate a few months ago and nothing has changed that dramatically in my market area.  If anything values continue to rise. 


Hello @Ladybug76 and thank you for reaching out to us. I'd be happy to submit this feedback to the appropriate team for you. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. ~Sarah 

Thank you Sarah.  I was used to my home value tile looking a lot more accurate than it does now.  I appreciate your bringing it to someones attention.