Home Value Monitoring - Stop with the Excuses and Fix It

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Our home and property (10 acres) has a market value of 540,000 and USAA was tracking this pretty closely with the Home Value Monitoring, however it has dropped to 270,000 and has been there for 2 months.  If USAA is going to offer this tile/module it needs to dedicate an entire team to ensure values are accurate.  It is not difficult, if Realtor, Zillow and Trulia stay on top of market values, what is the problem? Rely on Tax Records which can offer appraisals (standard) and DO NOT rely on "sales in the surrounding area"....this is a flawed metric, especially for me, as our home is 2,500 sq foot with a 3-bay pole barn, on 10 acres with a pond ..... while 1 mile away, at the end of our road, sits a trailer on a 1 acre lot that is falling apart. I will just delete this tile/module if it cannot be maintained  and updated by USAA (no value added) only because it is super annoyingto see it not updated.