USAA has let us down. We have been members since 2004 and always used USAA for almost everything, but now I'm having to rethink whether we should move to another financial institution or stay. Smack dab in the middle of all this COVID stuff, I get a local county tax accessor document stating that my taxes for the past two years were never paid and that my home was auctioned off, and currently owned by some other company. By law they had to give me one year before the sale of my home was final, so I contacted USAA and they went to work. USAA opened the case, and shortly closed stating the taxes, according to their records, were paid and did not return a phone call or email stating this. I call them and the nice women on the phone informs me of this. I had to request them to escalate this and it has been a nightmare ever since. Finally after a few months of calling them and giving more information or just going over the fact that it was escalated, they inform us all the taxes were paid, and all the payment ($9k) will placed on a one year additional escrow charge on top of my mortgage. They or someone made a mistake, and this financial burden should not be placed on my back. They clearly show that there is no need to forward any tax invoices to them, as they take care of everything, but this is not the truth. When a mistake is made, they place it on the backs of their members. This is not how you treat members. If Loretta (the tax company they use in CA) was wrong for sending tax money to the wrong parcel # or whatever the issue, they should be held accountable, not the member after two years of unpaid taxes. Don't get me wrong, I will pay and have no problem paying my fare share, but to barely communicate and leave it up to the members to escalate and than put all the financial burden on the member, is just wrong. Again, I'm rethinking my financial institution and what is best for my family, as this is not what I expected. If USAA is reading this, yes I'm going to be in a financial crisis once this unpaid tax bill hits my mortgage each month.


Hello.  This is very concerning to read and I am sorry you have had this negative experience.  I am forwarding this to our CEO Member Advocacy Department so they can do further research and see if USAA can help be your advocate with this situation.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

My wife called Lereta for information pertaining to our taxes going unpaid for two years and they informed her that Lereta no longer works with USAA and they did not have any records pertaining to our mortgage account. Lereta informed my wife that the Escrow is now covered by Corelogic. I tried calling them but they have a recording that goes over and over about contacting the mortgage company or county tax office for information.
This is completely unnecessary and poor customer service from USAA. USAA and/or Nationstar should be helping us figure this out.
I'm filling out a financial assistance form now as I'm not sure we are going to be able to make our mortgage payment each month.
I tried calling and left a message with Melissa Martinez. I'm deployed and have a little phone service for the next few hours but my wife is available at 936XXXXXXX.


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It's been over a week, and we haven't heard from anyone. Mrs. Martinez, can you please call us back and give us details on the way forward? Thank you!

@NavEngP Thank you for your USAA membership Mr. Price and sharing this experience with us.  We certainly understand your frustrations about your property taxes, I have forwarded your experience to the appropriate area to further review.  Your patience and membership are truly appreciated, once received/reviewed our team will reach out to you. -Justin