HURRICANE MICHAEL :  Calling out for HELP.  Two years plus after our home was destroyed by "Michael" we are being forced to live in a leaking totally destroyed camper because USAA will not pay for repairs REQUIRED by Code Enforcement.  USAA will not tell us exactly what documentation they need in order to pay us and continue reconstruction of our home.  All work has stopped due to non-payment by USAA.  We are disabled/seniors that have been customers for over 35 years ! USAA shipped our clothes and belongings off for storage 100 miles away and now say they will no longer pay for that !   They have dragged their feet and caused repeated delays and now won't pay storage because time is up!  WE only used half of the allowed time but because it started on the storm date ... calendar says time's up and they don't have to pay.  We can't complete our property loss because our stuff is in storage and we don't know what the condition of anything is.  USAA has rendered us completely helpless.  Someone please help.  Our home is 80% complete and we are desperate.



Combat Disabled Vietnam '68

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Hello, daleclark. I am going to forward this post as I have with your prior post. While I can't provide a specific time, I appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. -Nick 

thank you Nick.