I am in the middle of refinancing with USAA. I was scheduled to close today, for the second time. I have never had such a nightmare of a financial transaction in my life. I will try to make this brief. My original processor, Christine ***, was completely ignorant about the military and appeared to be as ignorant about the refinance processing. She asked three times for my LES, after me telling her each time I uploaded it on the website. Finally, after telling her two times when I was available to close, I had to call her manager when she neglected to tell me the location of the closing. When I spoke to Joseph *****, Christine's manager, he had another surprise for me; the closing date changed. When everything appeared to be in line, I sat down to sign. The documents were all wrong and there was no copy for me. I called Christine who said they all had to be recreated and I was rescheduled for today. My closing time came and went today, so I called the title company. They had no record of my appointment today. I called Christine and Joseph to seek an explanation. I received an email from Joseph saying there were issues with the processing and he would call when the issue was fixed. Neither of them called me before my appointment this morning, and I am still waiting for a call with a solution. If I was not so far along in the process, I would walk away from the transaction, and still may do so. I have had to follow up on every step of this process and never seen such a lack of professionalism or attention to detail. I hope as many people as possible see this review before deciding to refinance through USAA. Walk away while you can.  


Tim S, thank you for your post in our community. We understand this is an important issue for you, and we regret the inconvenience and frustration it has caused. I am engaging a business specialist to review your concerns and follow-up with you. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. -Meredith



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Your first mistake was refinancing with USAA!!! Know your new loan will be sold off to nationstar an F Rated mortgage company as soon as the ink dries on your paperwork!

I wish I had read your post before going through the process.  The mortgage department was very slow to act and was not at all proactive in communicating.  What should have been a pretty straight forward and simple VA refi process was anything but.  After hearing nothing and reaching out multiple times, I was finally apprised of the fact that my rate lock was going to expire and I would be responsible for an addtional fee as they would not be able to close in time.  Nothing like having to continue to reach out to a company to figure out what is going on and what the status is of your loan refi only to have them turn around and tell you at the last minute they are going to charge additional fees and pinning the fault on the customer for the delays.  So much for the customer is always right....reading other posts on USAA's mortgage group, I suppose I should not be suprised.  Thank goodness their Insurance company is a separate entity; and from my experience, much more competent.  Extremely disappointing to have such marginal service...

ME in SC,


Thank you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage. This is not the type of experience we want for our members with their mortgage loan in process. I have shared your comments with a colleague in the mortgage area. We look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

My recent experience as well. HORRIBLE!  I still cannot get calls returned.  Scary part is that we are now beyond the cancellation period.



Thank you for posting in the Community. We responded to a previous post regarding your mortgage experience. Your feedback was sent to a mortgage colleague for review and response. Thank you. -Gus