I have been a USAA member since the early 1970's with home owners, auto, and life insurance.  I have always thought that USAA looked after service members; however, my faith in that USAA commitment has been shaken by a number of recent events.


Our area experience a major hale storm in 2019 that resulted in considerable roof damage.  Nearly every roof in my neighborhood has been inspected and replaced by a number of competing insurance carriers.  We were very reluctant and concerned, so we engaged a local roofing contractor through our church to give us an inspection and honest opinion concerning our damage.  The roofing contractor determined that our roof was, in fact, damage by the hail storm, so we filed claim with USAA.  After many rounds with USAA, our claim has been denied.  Can all other insurance carriers in this area looking at hail damage be wrong?  The USAA inspector and the USAA adjuster seemed more determined to deny the claim than do a realistic and honest assessment.  Our request to review the photos and report by the USAA inspector were denied.  To add insult to all this, our premium increased substantially on our next premium. Over the 20 plus years of coverage by USAA we have never had a home owners claim.  USAA has gone corporate big time with all their major advertisements with the NFL, etc.  If they truly looked after service members and their families this level of corporate advertisement would not be needed.


Disappointed in USAA!


@JMD4, I would like to share your concerns with a representative from this area which is currently out of the office until tomorrow morning. We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response from this area. ~ Joseph

@JMD4, thank you for providing your concerns regarding your claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into further. Please allow 2-3 business days for them to start researching your situation and reach out to you.

After my post concerning hail damage to our roof based on our claim of October 2019, USAA had our roof re-inspected and approved our claim.  We are greatfull.  The claim was approved in October 2020 and we immediately contracted to have the roof replaced.  USAA generated a repair estimate as did our contractor.  The USSA estimate was based on a materials cost file for 2019 rather than 2020.  Since COVID, the cost of roofing materials has increased substantially and our contractor has asked for a cost supplement, which USAA has not approved.  Our contractor pointed out this discrepancy to USAA before the start of the repair work and were told by USAA that a materials cost supplement would be considered when the work was completed.  Documentation of cost increases has been submitted to USAA several times since the roof repair was completed.


Despite numerous submissions and phone calls, USAA still does not seem to understand that their cost estimate is based on materials costs before the claim was even approved.  This makes no sense and has been very frustrating.  I have left 2 messages with John Vogt, who I was directed to during a call to the owner claims desk --- no response yet.


Our contractor is asking us to pay an additional $750 due to materials costs which USAA has not covered.  We have already paid the deductable.  The USAA response is not reasonable. 

@JMD4, Sorry to hear about your situation. You would think that with all those years you paid that USAA would give you peace of mind. Instead, they aggressively preach that in their commercials, but often fail to follow through with their promise. There are plenty of complaints about USAA denying claims. All you have to do is Google search "USAA denies claims" and you're not alone. There's also an interesting article about Allcat, USAA's which does USAA's claims. You can Google them as well. I hope you're able to recover.


A to F...funny, that wasn't mentioned by USAA to its membership.  Thanks for article link.  Very interesting.  More reason to move away quickly, in case I do have a claim anytime soon.


The bigger story is continuing outsourcing of USAA 'services' to third parties.  Terrible experience with their 'towing and recovery service'.  If you outsource, and it goes wrong....own it.  If you don't and you rely in membership and trust....understand the damage and risk you've accepted.  Same with the story you highlighted.  


Good luck to the board to replace current leadership and build back membership.  Such terrible service as you continue to outsource, shed members, and reduce service offerings.



After reading that article I can see why my home owners went up 50% a year for four years.  I researched and switched, saved $1,500 a year.  USAA was never able to tell me why it increased so drastically.  Maybe they should stop supporting the flag hating NFL and it's over paid crybabies.

Smart move leaving USAA.  What has been intentionally done to USAA is a disgrace.