Had damage to my roof and siding from 3 heavey wind storms. Siding was blown off and nails securing it ripped out on 2 sides of my house. There were several areas where the shingles were lifted and nails popped through causing the roof to leak in two spots. The first in the attic above the kitchen was a constant drip while raining. The second leak was in the master bathroom and water was dripping down the inside of the wall and puddling on the sink. It was also leaking inside the wall and coming out of the electrical switch and outlet just above the sink. In an attempt to stop the leak I put roofing tar over a section of shingles where the bathroom wall was leaking. It slowed the leak down but did not stop the leak. I also put the siding back on as best I could but in no way was it a fix and the siding still flops in the wind.


 I called and made a claim. USAA sent out THEIR contractor to do an estimate to repair the siding and the roof. I showed him where the two leaks in the roof were and the wet insulation in the attic as well as the damage to the wall of the bathroom and outlet. He did his calculations and said I would recieve the quote in approximately 10 Days.


 I was contacted by the USAA adjuster handling my claim a few days later. I was informed THEIR contractor completed his estimate and that the damage to my house could all be repaired for $628.41. To remove and reinstall the siding on 2 sides of my house would cost 356.20 and to prep the bathroom, repair the damaged drywall, insulation and to paint and prime the wall with 2 coats and clean up after completion would cost $122.51. Since my deductable is $1000.00 there was nothing they could do for me.


 THEIR contractor did not find any damage to the roof and concluded the leaks were the result of wind driven rain. When asked about the spot where I put the roof tar, I was told that wasn't added into the estimate because I had already fixed it. Exact quote was "that spot has already been repaired, why would we pay to have it fixed.


 After being assured that she knows how I feel and that she understood my frustrations I was told that I could pay to have my owne contractor inspect the damage and do an estimate. She said if they find anything just document it and send to us. "doesnt mean we will fix it, but send us all the info.


 Whats the point of having homeowners insurance and paying premiums every month when you can't use the insurance when needed. Where did all the money I paid to protect my house go? 20 years of premiums and can't use what I paid for. 


@tbake4420, I am terribly sorry to hear about the damage to your property and your concerns with your claim's experience. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a specialist to look into. They will review your situation and reach out to you. Please allow 2-3 business days for this to occur. Thank you.

Hahaha - these USAA idiots will not fix your problem.

This company is run by morons. The people you talk too and who answer these threads who are employed by USAA are all idiots.

USAA has the highest rates for insurance I’ve ever seen

You should be happy.  You just experienced that world class customer service USAA brags about.  USAA is only interested in paying Mr. Peacock his $5,000,000.00/year salary plus his 20-25% bonus I am sure he will get this year.  Just think about that as you fight USAA to get your house repaired and when you receive next year's homeowner's insurance renew with is sure to happen rate increase.  Google USAA CEO compensation and I am sure you will be disgusted at what you read.

Everyone employed at USAA are morons.

Including this idiot from USAA who’s reading this post
Sadly, you found out like I did that usaa is terrible these days. I had a problem where my old popcorn ceiling separated from the ceiling and fell. It has asbestos in it. Usaa denied my claim and refused to pay. Why? Because popcorn ceiling is a finish and not actually part of the ceiling. I lost ~40k from the experience between the epa permits to remove it, loss of all of our belongings from asbestos damage, a new ceiling, and the cost of a place to stay while asbestos was in our home. Usaa will find any reason to not pay or fix damages. I highly recommend you find another company. I learned the hard as well.

Sorry to hear you had an experience that closely mirrors mine. In my case a tree fell onto my house, punching holes in the roof and damaging much of the siding on a 4 year old structure.  After repeated assertions that my contractor's assessment of labor and materials was ok, leading me to pay out of pocket for all necessary repairs, USAA reversed course and claimed my contractor's labor was, "too high" but has refused, after 6 months of asking, to tell me what a reasonable labor rate would be.  I'm $4000+ out of pocket and pretty much done with these clowns.  I'm a 30 year member with substantial bank investments who has never so much as missed a credit card payment, but USAA apparently feels they can blatantly lie to my face without me reacting negatively.


Bad calculation on their part.

Now you’re beginning to understand that USAA are all idiots

They are the most expensive insurance company I’ve ever dealt with.

I’m a Loan Officer of 25 years. I deal with these idiots all the time.

They are all clueless. 100% of my clients I move away from USAA.

They are the most expensive, most useless company I’ve ever dealt with.

Move everything away from these morons and call any other insurance company in the United States