Fellow USAA Members,

As 34 year USAA member, we are passing along Homeowners Insurance pricing that we discovered having major impacts on our USAA policy .  In summary, Oor Policy rates increased at a very healthy rate over the 2-years for a new home (built in Nov2017).  No claims, no changes, etc during this period.  The Insurance Pricing was performed by USAA personnel during an on-site visit.


Basically by shopping around we reduced our Yearly Bill by $4,500.  Yes, that is correct, USAA billing was just over $7,500, but now, with the same or greater coverage (ie increased from $100K Liability to $1M Liability) we are paying just over $3,000. 


After numerous conversation with USAA officials, and after 34years with USAA we are dropping our Homeowners Insurance and moving to another Insurance Company.  USAA just could not adjusted for whatever reasons.   If we were within $500 or so, we would loved to stay, but there is no reason for overcharging $4500 more per year with an Outstanding USAA record.


We are not promoting other Insurance Companies, just passing along information that may save you major dollars should you shop around.  We believe that USAA has moved away from their basic Mission focused on selected  Military Members and joined with all the other big investment / insurance company to expand USAA revenue at our expense.  THanks and Good Luck.


@RD89, we truly appreciate your longtime membership of 34 years with USAA and it's not easy to hear that you are moving to another carrier for your insurance needs.  As for the premium, that is quite a difference.  We do look at all factors and your outstanding record and tenure is acknowledged in your premium, how long ago did you compare or do a review with both policies? ~ Marco

We worked with numerous departments with USAA, include the Front Office support personnel.  Bottom-line USAA is well overprice and could not determine why they were unable to compete with other insurance companies.  The Mission of USAA has lost its way and has become just another one of many standard insurance companies.  I'm not alone in this thinking as many others are having to move to a more affordable insurance company.  Feel free to share with the upper leadership, they MUST to do MUCH better or it will get worst.  My analysis, looking at indicators says it aready is moving that way based on the TV commercial blitz we've been seeing from USAA - you need more Revenue. 

Last thing, those once long time Policy holders and no -longer pointing those young Officers and Enlisted personnel towards USAA, they are now saying you must shop around because USAA is NOT focused on us any more.  It really is a shame to lose a once Trusted company