Home Owners Insurance Claim - Extremely Upset Customer

We opened our claim on 3/20/19.  We had a leak under our sink which caused mold.  The mold remediation started on 3/28/19 and lasted 2 weeks.  A contractor, DPS Contracting, was recommeded to my by USAA.  Aparently this contractor is someone they use often.  This was my first mistake.  Trusting in them to recommend a reputable contractor.  Not sure what other work this contractor has done, but my experience with them hasn't been pleasant.


My lower cabinents were removed for the mold remediation.  All cabinents, upper & lower, had to be rebuilt due to the contractor not being able to replicate the cabinets taken out of my home.  I was promised that the new kitchen cabinents would look as close to the old ones as possible.  The color is similar, but the style is completely different.  I voiced my concerns with USAA and my concerns/complaint was logged into their system but I feel that it was just wasted energy.  What we selected at the design center is nothing like what was installed today.  I'm sure USAA will say "you selected the cabinets you wanted at the design center" which I don't deny.  But I had no idea that "rustic" and "distress" means that the cabinets would look like they have dents, cracks, and cervices in them.  This look may be for some, but not for us. 


Like I mentioned before, I addressed this with USAA and I feel that they are not sympathetic to my concerns.  The representative even said "everyone has already been paid".  This made me feel like I shouldn't expect USAA to care about my issue with the work that was done today.  Being a first time home owner and not knowing all the ins and outs, trusting USAA and the contractors, let's just say this is a lesson well learned. 


It's now 9/11/19.  The cabenent boxes were installed today and we are not happy with what was installed.  I would like them replace the cabinents, but I'm sure, no I'm positive that USAA will not take any action other can either calling me or e-mailing me with some excuse/reason as to why they can't do anything about my current situation.  Like I mentioned before, I was told that "everyone has already been paid".  


This experience with my USAA claim has been the worst experience I've ever had.  I thought long and hard about it and I put this experience at the top on my "Worst Experiences Ever" list.  This beats out the racial profiling I've experience over the years as well as working for a commander who was a well know racist, alcoholic, and a pedophile.  He was demoted and kicked out of the military and rightfully so. 


We spent money every month for the last 6+ years on home owners insurance and will have to settle for what we have.  We made mistakes along the way so we'll take fault for our part.  I'll chalk it up to being a "newbie" and not doing my research.  We've been without a full kitchen for 3 1/2 months and I can honestly say I don't feel that USAA cares one bit.  After talking to the contractor today, it looks like we'll continue to be without a full kitchen for the next week or so.  Prior to today we were able to use our oven and microwave.  Both of these appliances are no longer usable because we have to wait for the "granite guy" to come do his part.  He'll come by and measure tomorrow, but the work will not start until next week.  So now I have to spend more money to ensure my family has food to eat since we cannot cook.    


I've talked to 6 people I know with similar claims and 4 of them had conditions worse than ours.  They home was made whole in 4-6 weeks.  I will definitley shop around and reseach other companies because I will never forget this experience.


I happy with USAA's Banking.  I don't think you can get any better.  As far as insurance for home and auto, my search for another company will begin now and I will move on to someone else as soon as I find some reasonable rates.  Even if I have to pay a little more I'll still move on from USAA.  This experience is not worth it.  


I hope no one has to go through what my family is going through right now.  Most of us that use USAA services are Veterans and I know we all expect USAA to be better than other companies in all areas.  I've been with them for about 20 years now and have no other complaints other than my complaint with my current claim.  You'd think that loyal members would be treated better but in the end, in my opinion, it's all about the money with USAA.  Probably like this for others, but with having a choice, I'm choosing to move on.  For those of you who are satisfied and have had sucess with your past and/or current claims, I wish you the best.


Retired Air Force Veteran   


@DDMICK thank you for reaching out to us regarding your claims experience. I have escalated these concerns to a subject matter expert to review further. They will be following up with you in the next 1 to 2 business days.