My parents have been with USAA for more than 60 years.  They had hail damage last year and USAA came by and provided them with the money to get items fixed.  Unfortunately, USAA inspector missed a bunch of damage.  Due to medical issues and hospitalizations, my parents did not get the repairs done to their home timely.  When they finally hired a reputable company dealing with restoration hail damage and the additional items to include pictures were submitted, USAA pushed it to their subsiderary AllCat.  This new claim was submitted the last week of August.  Since then, after hundreds of phone calls and emails with USAA and AllCat, just last week (Nov) the restoration company owner (who we gave authority to speak for my parents reference the claim) received notice by email that a small amount was approved, but not everything that was on the claim.  Not once did the adjustor ever reach out and discuss this claim with the contractor or us.  They have totally ignored this claim and have been so unprofessional.  They won't answer questions, they won't follow-up, etc.  They have the worst customer service I have ever seen.  So work is being done on my parents home right now and we can't get an answer from USAA on whether the other damaged items discovered will be paid for.   For them to treat an elderly retired, 2 time vietnam vet this way is really horrible.  Them and AllCat have lied from day one on what they are going to do once you get them on the phone, but then they ignore the situation.  They are NOT the honorable company they once was.  Really disgusting and pitiful. Again, they promised to call the contractor to discuss these issues last week, now once again, 5 days later, they still have not called.  And bottom line, they don't care.  I will be preparing a letter to the Board of Insurance and filing a complaint against USAA and AllCat for their unprofessional behavior on this claim, enough is enough.