I was startled to read the negative comments about USAA's mortgage process.  I bought a home two years ago using a USAA approved broker--and a mortgage from USAA-- and the process was smooth from beginning to end.  I have bought several houses over the years before I joined USAA and this was my best experience ever in buying a home.


I don't doubt that the writers are honest and sincere.  I'm just glad to have had a very different experience.  It appears that USAA may have a problem in consistently handling these situations well.



Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experiences with USAA's mortgage process. We are so glad you were pleased and hope we continue to meet all of your needs!

I hope my experience gets better. Right now usaa hasn't responded in a week to my messages. No phone calls from processor, no reply to messages or emails. I'm thinking I should have done business local. That way I can talk face to face with them. I did file 2 grievances, maybe I'll get a reply.