I had an excellent experience with USAA Home Mortgage.  I have read many poor reviews but my experience is, watch your emails, follow the instructions to the letter and you will have a seamless experience.  When they ask for items XYZ, do not send them ABC.  If you are unsure, email your loan officer for assistance.  From my experience, companies like this will rarely answer the phone as they are busy working for us.  If you want the best rate, use them.  If you want to have someone hold your hand, go to your local bank and pay a higher interest rate.  They gave me instructions, I followed.  When I was unsure, I emailed.  They gave me ETA's on timelines and it was seamless.  Grant, Elizabeth and the rest of the team I appreciate.  I have been with USAA for 42 years, understand the computer and you need to know how to use a PC and do electronic signatures to be successful with this type of loan application.  


@LadySuze - I am glad that you had a wonderful team to work with but not all of us have been so lucky.  I know how to follow instructions to the "T" also but my team was totally disorganized - they could not locate documents that were sent to them, they changed the closing date, and they never responded to any form of communication.  I am familiar with the computer and I am familiar with finances as I am an accountant.  It really is a matter who you get to communicate with - it is the luck of the draw and no different than if you call in for an insurance or banking question.

@NSueZ, I'm sorry to learn that your mortgage experience was not positive. Your feedback is important to us. Therefore, I'm sharing your post with our mortgage team. ~DC