I was always proud to say that I was a USAA member and always encouraged everyone that could, become a member. I would "brag" about, without having physical locations, how good a bank USAA was and how easy it was to use take advantage of their services. I was recently married and was excited to get all of my husband's banking needs and our insurance needs under one roof with USAA - tried to convince him that they were the best and completely took care of their members. Now I am eating crow! We just tried to purchase a home with both of our names on the loan because we were going the VA route. We worked tirelessly with our loan officer to ensure we were pre-qualed and then even more so with our mortgage processor. Once we started "working with" our assigned processor, things started to seemingly fall apart. She kept asking for the same things we already uploaded and provided and not paying attention to what was being turned in - it created a spiral of delays and set backs. Along the way, we were told time after time that we still qualified and how much she was "on our side" against the under writers - all while our credit kept being ran/pulled. The VA appraisal was requested so late that it pushed our closing date a week behind - still being told we were approved for the loan. At this point we are getting pretty frustrated because by the contract we had with our realtor and the sellers we were going to lose our earnest money because we were not "disqualified" before due diligence was complete - simply stated in our contract which we turned in to her on day 1. She kept telling us that we could not lose our earnest money legally but failed to read the contract that stated so clearly. She also would not take phone calls from our realtor - simply telling our realtor that she did not have time to stop what she was doing to talk to her! Unbelievable!!! At this point we were done with her and went over her head. Now, after delaying closing one week, we were working with her boss who is now having everyone jump through hoops to get info in to the underwriters - things we had already provided to our original mortgage processor all while being told we were approved. Drum roll..... ONE DAY before closing I get a phone call stating that we were NOT APPROVED and how sorry they were to put us through all this. ALL the money we lost getting the inspections and appraisals and also our earnest money IS GONE!!! Of course now her boss is telling us he is "really sorry and we should have never been pre-approved to begin with" which is insane itself because we could literally pay cash for the house. The point to all of this is DO NOT USE USAA FOR A HOME LOAN - as a matter of fact, I am in the process of pulling all of my money out of the bank and will close all of my accounts. Sick to my stomach; eating crow!




I regret to hear of your experience when attempting to get a mortgage with USAA. This is never the level of service we expect for our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague in the mortgage area for review. They will review your concerns and reach out to address and discuss this matter with you. I sincerely regret the experience you had and hope we can restore your trust in USAA. ~Gus

Just curious, did USAA give you a reason why you were not approved?  It would seem that they should have some idea when they start the process, shouldn't they???  I do believe that if you did not close with USAA, they cannot collect any fees that would have been on the closing statement (at least that is what we were told when we were having problems with our refi). 

We went through the same hassles with our refi.  It did go through and yes we could have paid for the house in cash many times over, but that did not stop USAA from making what should have been a simple process very complicated and frustrating.  It also motivated us to start reevaluating our overall relationship with USAA.

Have you requested and/or demanded USAA to return your money to you?  if not, I would highly suggest you take them to court and file a small claims suit in your jurisdiction.  They will not be able to avoid this court hearing and you will get some justice from it.  They will likely settle with you...it's definitely worth trying.  Typically small claims court does not require a lawyer, although you can certainly consult with one.