I live in Orange, Texas. During Hurricane Laura, I had siding damage, fence and roof damage. I have been dealing with my claim now for 6 months. Gone through 3 adjusters, Finally got my roof replaced, but now going back and forth about the cost to replace siding. I gave two bids from local siding contractors, USAA is saying they are to expensive, so they got a hold of a contractor they use in Houston, ATI, they after talking with them, they realized that I was not in houston and decided that they did not want to travel this far, but did not tell anyone. After three weeks passed, USAA got another contractor in Houston, HR Contracting, they gave a bid that was half the amount of the two bids I got. But gave this bid without even looking at my house. I called them to actually look at my house and then tell me that they would do the job for the amount they originally bid or revise the bid one else they have seen the house. I was called on Saturday, Jan 30th, and was told that they would come by Monday afternoon or Tuesday, because they would be in LakeCharles. Did not show up Monday, did not show up Tuesday either. After calling them, was told they would come Wednesday afternoon, Feb 3rd. Did not come and still no phone call. Called again and was told that they would call me this morning and tell me if they were coming. Did not hear from them again, tried calling, but phone rang once and was not able to leave voicemail, due to box was full. Finally got a call at 11 and was told they would meet me at my house at 2:30. Got off work to meet them and have not shown up or called. Still can not leave voicemail and he does not answer his phone. I am tired of the this, I just want my house fixed. USAA used to be a company that I would always recommend, now I do not think I would every recommend you.  I just want my house fixed, it should not be this hard.


Hello @YNC USCG, this is concerning to read and I certainly want to help with getting your concerns addressed. I'm engaging a specialist to review  your situation and reach out to you. -Paula  

Those of us who have been associated with USAA for many years (I'm 37 years) have come to the difficult realization that USAA is no longer THE premier insurance and financial institution in which we had absolute confidence, but just another massvie and disingenuous corporation that provides atrocious customer service with mediocre (at best) banking and insurance services. This idea that being a "member" is any different from being a customer of any other company is farcical- members are simply people who hand over their money further enrich already wealthy people- the CEO doesn't get a $5 million salary by benefiting the "member" base, but by bringing in profits.

@Reid Fitzsimons, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experiences with us. This certainly isn't the way we want any member to feel. Being sensitive and responsive to our members, as well as conducting business in a professional manner is always our goal, and I regret this is not what you encountered. We do appreciate your 37 years of membership and I'd like to try and help, if possible. Can you share with me what happened to make you feel this way?

Reid (and anyone else reading this) your aee absolutely correct. I've been a member for 40 years, and over the past 3 years have taken my banking and investment business to other companies. When my insurance is due for renewal, I will contact other, more reputable companies and change to a company that actually provides customer service.


The reply by USAA that they will follow up with you is horse manure. My complaints and issues with USAA have gone without resolution. USAA feels they can dictate how people live, bank, and invest.


I tell anyone who asks that USAA isn't worth the effort or heartburn. Abandon Ship!