Hello! Is anyone able to explain how the USAA Home Finder uses property tax information in its estimated monthly payment for a house calculation? It seems incredibly odd to me. For example: One house I've found in the Home Finder lists property taxes as $11,321. I'm assuming that means per year. Then, on the same house just lower on the page, it shows the estimated monthly payment and breaks it down to P&I, Taxes, Insurance, and PMI. On this same house, it shows the tax portion of the payment as $591. When I divide the taxes listed at the top of the page by 12 months, I get a monthly tax payment of $943. I'd love to believe the breakdown below over my own, but I don't know how that's possible. What gives? Thanks!


Dear Tiphys,

It is strange to see such a dissconnect. Can you please message us here with the best way to contact you so we can get more details and see what is going on? Thank you!