I would like to preference this note by saying that up until this point,  I have had great support and service from USAA over the last 15 years. However, in recent years I personnally think their "business" model has caused them to lose sight of the customer base they service.


I have successfully purchased two homes using the USAA Home Buying service. This resouce provided great insights and personnel who cared not just about the sale, but from my perspective about the person they were helping. Unfortunately, this service is no longer a thing. 


As I work through the difficulties of attempting to close on a third home I have grown frustrated with USAA support and that of my realtor. Due to a number of delays and/or requirements on both sides (builder/realtor and USAA's processes/systems) I am being asked by USAA to pay for a rate extension that is only required because they can't meet the new closing timeline they established. Mind you, we were originally supposed to close on 15APR. Instead of assuming the fault for their actions, each have deflected leaving me to absorb additional cost, if I want to keep persuing the home.  I would like to share an email penned to my realtor and the USAA's loan processing agents. 


Email Excerpt:


I feel I have to get something off my chest as it causing me internal strife. This would have been the third home purchased using USAA. As stated during my call with you I have never experience such anxiety and frustration borderlining anger as I have with this purchase.  I understand everyone has a job to do, laws and/or policies they must follow, but I want each of you to place yourself in my shoes for a moment. *My perspective of events.


The initial offer on this home was place on 22FEB21. We placed an offer based on the builder’s initial assessment that the home would be complete and ready to close by 1APR21. This was countered by the builder with a requested closing on 15APR21. To meet the requirement of using our VA benefit, our home in Lacey, WA was placed on the market and closed 15MAR. To ensure our previous home was available, my family (includes the pups) have being living in a hotel since 5MAR21 (the date our household goods were picked up). I have provided each of you with timely response to questions or requests for documentation, the last of which was a LES for USAA and a signature on the CABO for you Mary.


On 11APR, we departed the Washington area for Fort Knox (2,390 miles), arriving on 14APR. Our walk through conducted the same day revealed quite a bit of work on the home was still required. Much of the required punch list aligned with what was identified by the appraiser.


*So because of varying delays and processes on both ends, the 15APR closing would not be met. The result:

- New closing date est. 26APR

- Household goods delayed until 4MAY vice the original 16APR delivery originally scheduled

- Hotel stay extended from 13-18APR to 13-27APR


On 19APR, I am notified that due to a paperwork delay and loan processes our new est. closing date of 26APR can’t be met. As a result, I have to extend my rate by two days requiring me to pay an additional fee of $400+ for a process, builder delays, and paperwork I do not control.



  • Hotel in WA $2541 (covered by military lodging allowance)
  • Hotels in route $415 (not covered by the military)
  • Hotel in KY $264 x 15 days =$3968.70 (not covered by the military)
  • Cost of home $333,000
  • Est. closing cost out of pocket $8000
  • *Rate extension $400+

As I see it, I am absorbing the brunt of the cost. Of the above listed items, there is a total of $4300 that is the result of builder delays and USAA processes.


I have done my due diligence. I have heard the back and forward blame game of who is at fault, and I am honestly appalled. So I am left with a couple of options:

  1. Wash my hands of the endeavor, lose my earnest money, lose almost two months of time that could have been used focusing elsewhere, and have my family displaced for an extended period of time while an alternate solution is found. This equates to more time, and more money.
  2. Pay the additional $400+ for the rate extension, pay the additional hotel extension at $264 a night, while everyone makes money and I am out of a unprojected costs for an issue I didn’t cause.

So ladies, what should I do? *I know you can’t answer, but I am sure you can understand my frustration.

I will be sending this same email to your corporate offices, and posting on social media.





@TonyB5050, I am so sorry to hear about your frustrations with your homebuying experience, especially during your PCS move. In reviewing your application your processor escalated this issue to our leadership team and my hope is that a quick resolution is found to put all of this to rest for all parties. -DG

Thank you for the prompt response and as do I.