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So, I am buying the house my mother in law lives in. But I am not sure I need a Realestate agent. Can't see why I need to pay someone to find a house that I already found. The wife says all we need is a mortgage broker to set up the deal. Are we wrong in this? Any and all advice is welcomed.



USAA gave us the realtor as a USAA Movers Advantage Agent by the way.

You'll normally need either a real estate agent or an attorney (depending on state law, one or the other maybe required) to provide you the necessary legal paperwork.  You'll have to ask, but you may have to use one of the realtors associated with the Movers advantage program to be eligible for any program incentives.





Hi Kabb!

Typically, the seller pays the agent fees. Dccowa5 is correct, depending on the state, you may be required to use an attorney. In some instances when an agent and/or attorney is not required, the title company can produce a purchase contract for you. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to consult legal counsel when it comes to real estate transactions.


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