Attention to those PCSing to JBSA seeking for a rental/purchase: Kimberly Howell Properties, 21252 Gathering Oak, San Antonio, TX 78260 has provided me with a first and lasting unfavorable impression. There is one particular male agent there that was very confrontational, defensive, arrogant and unprofessional. In this particular interaction where these physical attributes were displayed, this particular realtor tried to "strong-arm" me with a rental that was not "move-in ready." Fire extinguisher was detached, issuance of previous tenants keys (against Texas law), propane tank left in garage, and a hole the size of a fist in one of the bedroom doors. When my spouse, tried to elevate a concern, he pointed to her and "I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU!". Of course, I interjected and confronted him with saying "that is my wife you are talking to! " I proceeded to turn in the keys to his agency that same morning and the response I received was "that you may or may not receive your deposit or any funds back." At the end of the meeting, my last words were "word of mouth is very powerful in this city." His response was, "I really do not care about the military." This is ironic since in his business profile he claims he "spends time each week helping the Wounded Warriors at San Antonio Military Medical Center." This is very unfortunate since he is the face and brand of Kimberly Howell Properties, more specifically in a military town such as San Antonio. On a positive note, Kimberly Howell Properties is not in a partnership with USAA Home Circle, but ERA Colonial Real Estate of 19230 Stone Oak Parkway of San Antonio, 78258 is listed as such. More specifically, Michelle Willars, a down-to-earth agent with ERA Colonial Real Estate has truly demostrated unwavering excellence with solid representation, thus enhancing the credibility and partnership with USAA Home Circle. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Michelle Willars of ERA Colonial Real Estate of 19230 Stone Oak Parkway of San Antonio, Texas 78258 for her real estate services to those serving their country. Her office has personified true integrity with business matter impacting their clients.