I'm already preapproved, I'm ready to find a house, USAA has an option online to search for homes, however, when I click it takes me to the mortgage area.  I am way past that in my process.  Doesn't USAA have a Home Buying Program where there are buyers' agents ready to assist in the search?


Hello Mommymomo. We are excited to hear you're in the process of finding a home. Previously, USAA had an option to connect our members with local real estate agents. Due to legal regulations differing from state to state, and the overall need to be a federally compliant company, USAA has ceased this program. We apologize for any inconvenience and wish you the best in your home search. Thank you. -MO

Where do you live?  Are you looking for a VA loan?  I'm a real estate agent in Atlanta with Berkshire Hathway HomeServices.  I can check around your city and see if there are any good buyers agents that could help?


Kind regards,


Tricia Quidley