Highly disappointed in USAA! NOT looking out for service members and their families.


I Filed a homeowner claim due to sump pump failure that occurred during hurricane Florence. My entire basement floor was covered with water.  Sump pump failure isn't covered by homeowner’s insurance, however I carried supplemental coverage for sump pump failure. The adjuster came out, looked at the previously wet areas, noted the water marks on cabinets, doors, told me I was covered for up to $10,000. Many personal items got wet and started to mildew and grow mold. I received a call from USAA saying they completed the claim and was sending me $500.00.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing! All of my downstairs doors soaked up water and don’t' close and must be replaced 2- bedrooms, bathroom, media room, exit door plus all 1/4 round and molding, possibly 2-ft of sheetrock from all walls. This in addition to a living room set, electronics, clothing, shoes etc. that got wet/moldy from the water. (One of my wife’s leather jackets cost $200.00.) $500.00, WHAT A SMACK IN THE FACE!  Yeah that's the way you look out for Americas men and women of the armed forces and their families. I can't say enough how highly disappointed I am with USAA. When I purchased my home I received 3 quotes, USAA was the highest, but I thought their reputed high customer satisfaction rate would benefit me if I ever needed them, BOY WAS I WRONG!



Hi @WJIII, I'm sorry to hear about the water damage to your basement and thank you for sharing your claims experience with us. I was able to locate the claim and I see that we are still reviewing the coverage on the policy before finalizing the claim. We will help get the process moving by reaching out to the claims supervisor to review your claim concerns and contact you to address your concerns and questions about the coverage. Please allow 1-2 business days for them to review your claim and give you a call. Thank you.