After a miserable rocky start to my mortgage process, which finally got straightened out by a fantastic processor, and closing on our mortgage.  My son and daughter-in-law are in the process of obtaining their mortgage and we are right back to the awful service from before.  After sending requested documents 5 times they get yet another call from their processor requesting documents a 6th time.  Seriously, why are there so many issues constantly?  I think we all know the mortgage process is arduous with documents, documents and more documents.  How hard is it to tick and tie their work?  And why is it so long in between contact?  This is ridiculous.


Dear KTS,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback. I am very glad you had a positive experience with our mortgage process and it is regrettable that your son is not. I have sent your comments to a mortgage specialist who will be in touch.Thank you again for posting.