Help...need help finishing plumbing repairs

Dear Mr. Parker, This is the hole in our bathroom wall.  It has been there almost 6 weeks and unfortunately still here for the recent cold snap!  Happy Thanksgiving !  Can you please have USAA repair the wall as soon as possible ? This hole was  made by a USAA preferred plumbing vendor to repair plumbing leaks. Why has it not been repaired ? While no USAA representatives have been to our house, a USAA preferred engineer, a USAA preferred plumbing vendor and a USAA preferred contractor, have all been to our home. USAA rep,  who again, has not been to our home, in contrast to these USAA approved vendors, thinks the wall repair is a foundation issue.  The USAA contractors all  agree the hole is in the wall and needs to be repaired.This past week alone I have sent emails and made 5 calls to USAA to try to get the issue resolved. That does not include the numerous other emails and phone calls I have made over the last few weeks.  I have still not received a reply ! I do not have the feeling that our claim adjuster is on our side to resolve this issue quickly or fairly.We have been USAA members since 1980 and have our home, cars, life insurance and banking with USAA.  Our children have their cars insured through USAA. We have used USAA car buying services.  Is that how USAA treats their members, especially military retirees who have been loyal customers since 1980 ? I find it hard to believe that insurance companies can operate this way and retain  customers. I expected more from USAA. I am disappointed.My husband is a retired Air Force pilot having over 7 years active duty and 15 years with the Texas Air National Guard here in town. I am extremely disappointed in USAA customer service.  I expected so much more, the least of which was returned emails and phone calls.  When we filled our initial claim in April I expected any plumbing leaks would be found quickly and repaired quickly. That has not been the case. Mr Parker, would you please call me ? I have much to tell you.  I would love to discuss this in more detail  so we can hopefully resolve it before Christmas, which will be almost 8 months after the initial claim !  Thank you for your time Sincerely,
 MLM  Kale