Has someone described themselves as a USAA "member advocate" to you? Were you happy with how they dealt with your concerns?

I just had someone call me to deal with a serious difficulty about closing a mortgage. I had already escalated the issue up two levels of management, and asked to escalate again. Someone then called me describing themselves as a "member advocate". However, as the conversation progressed it became clear they didn't care about my problems at all, and were only interested in advocating for USAA's point of view on the issue. Even when I suggested how she might represent my concerns to others, she showed no genuine interest in doing anything to fix the problem. Even worse, she later emailed me telling me that I had jump through even more hoops in order to solve the problem. And never once did she acknowledge that USAA had failed to properly warn me about the issue that came up at the last moment. Has anyone else had a frustrating experience with someone claiming to be a "member advocate", or felt that a person describing themselves this way was not really interested in advocating for them?