There were so many unhappy reviews here that I thought it was good to offer a different opinion.  Just because some people have some trouble doesn't mean that everyone will.


We  have been with USAA for several years and are now in the process of buying our first home through them.  There were some bumps at the beginning of the process: not getting a complete packet of forms, and having some difficulty getting answers to questions from the loan origination department.  


However, we are working with our loan processor now, and she has been nothing but wonderful!  She is friendly, knowledgeable, and is very quick to respond. I appreciate that I can reach her by phone or email, and she usually responds by email within a couple of hours, which I consider to be quick for non-urgent items. I appreciate that I can upload all of our signature documents to the website, and our loan processor is always good to confirm that she has received them - no wondering about if/when the bank receives paperwork! 




Loyal Member1,

I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience here in the community. I apologize for the initial bumps you experienced but am so glad to hear things are going smoothly now! Please do not hesitate to post here if you need assistance with anything! We look forward to more updates!!! Thanks again for posting!