I am feeling the same way. After reviewing our GFE we received yesterday at 5:45 PM (too late to call and get clarification), our settlement costs were 4 times what we were told we were going to have to have at closing. I am so confused. Of course it is a Saturday and there is no one to speak to regarding this, yet we need to have signed papers back in the mail before I am to speak with the processor. 


I am very overwhelmed and based on the terrible experiences many people have had (you can find all over the internet, not just here), I am really doubting whether USAA will be there for us. Not only is this costing a significantly higher amount than we thought, but we are fearful of not closing on time. We have already signed paperwork to vacate our apartment several days after closing, and it appears USAA is notorious for making mistakes that cost you time and money. 


I wish I felt better about buying my first house with my husband. Now I am just fearful and scared we made a huge mistake with USAA.

I didnt want to chance it, so I found a local lender who also deals with the TexVet loans.  This way, I can track them down, even if on a Saturday.  Good luck to you!

Ms. Hartzell,


Received $1,958.96 last week as a result of USAA conducting an internal audit of my most recent mortgage and OVER CHARGING US in settlement charges...............AGAIN!!!  I couldn't make this up if I tried.  This is the second time you have refunded us.  Read my previous comments in the forum re delayed closings, financial mistakes and many serious errors on USAA's part and you will understand my frustration and disappointment.  This is the second time for two seperate USAA mortgages you've sent us a refund, years after closing, due to USAA making serious mistakes.  USAA adds insult to injury in not only delaying both closings, but also over charging.  Is there a way I can request an audit of my 1st of 3 mortgages with you and one refi?  Seeing as 2 out of 3 mortgages have had significant financial errors in your paperwork, I would like to get a review on the first one and the refi.  Absolutely not worth the movers advantage money back, as USAA kept our hard-earned money for years.  We will DEFINITELY be shopping elsewhere next time, as USAA has let us down again, and I have encouraged my friends and family and anyone who will listen to do the same.  



Ms. Hartzell, 


I still haven't had any reply to my last post I submitted quite a while ago on requesting an audit of my first mortgage and refi with USAA as 2 out of 3 mortgages have been incorrect, issuing me a refund of monies we paid at closing.  How do I go about this?


Someone should be reaching out to your shortly. Thank you for your continued patience.