HI MJ76063,

Thank you for your comment! First, I hope these positive testimonials (recently posted) start to make you feel more at ease. Secondly I would like to ensure your mortgage process goes smoothly by getting a specialist in contact with you to make sure we are meeting all of your expectations. If you could send us a message here, with your membership details and the best way to contact you, we will make sure everything’s in order, and as you get further along in the process please post updates here, and I will make sure any issue you have gets properly escalated. GOOD luck and please keep us posted!!!


SOOOO GLAD you asked this question.  We have been surfing the USAA site, got a pre-approval and were ready to leap into the "real" app when I decided to read these forum posts.  
Needless to say - I slowed down on the leap and will look local for VA loan help.  I'd like to have a real person nearby to deal with the inevitable "oops" that go along with these transactions.  

Relying on email and phone calls   -  specially with the low approval rating from these comments - - is not something this Joe wants.

Thats exactly what happened to me.  The benefit of this, is that I found an even better deal out there.  If I can get that worked out.  Texas Veterans Land Board, quoting 2.8% fixed.  But you have to live in Texas.  Along with the VA guarentee, this could be great.  I asked on my FB page, and another brother said he had used USAA twice, and had delayed closings both times.  I have known this guy since high school.  Its just too risky, when you have 2 big dogs, a wife and a son.  Along with sever anxiety, and of course the vocabulary of any good soldier.   It was quite a disappointment, as USAA did really help me out with Insurance.  I got more and better coverage, actually added some, and still was paying less than I was with Farmers.  Oh well, Im sure there are many guys that have had zero problems, but when none of them seem to be telling me, I cant take the chance.   Glad my question helped you.  Take care and good luck.

UPDATE on positive experiences:


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And member "BooPatriots" positive experience was in December 2013!

Dear PeacekeepingJoe,

We would certainly like the chance to talk to you about your loan and how we can prove to you we will handle your mortgage with the utmost professionalism! Would you please send us an email here at with your member number and the best way to reach you? Thanks in advance for giving us a chance!

Potential Borrower,

Here are some recent positive testimonials about our mortgage services. Thank you.

Ms. Hartzell,


Those testimonials are from 2007 and from 2009.  1st mortgage I took out w USAA in 2008 went smoothly.  Since then your cust svc has gone way downhill.  The refi a cust posted about is not the same as taking out a 1st mortgage, and my refi in 2010 went smoothly enough.  It is the initial originating where the problems sprout up.  Also, a few months ago I received a check for over $200 back from my 1st mortgage USAA delayed in closing from 2010 (my 2d of 3 mortgages w USAA).  USAAs internal audit found even more errors in my paperwork.  While I was glad to get my overpaid monies back, it was another reminder that USAAs mtg process is very painful and full of mult errors that have consistently managed to make it past your underwriter (stage when the FINAL and OFFICIAL docs are sent to the title co to be signed by borrower).  Buyers can't afford these errors to take place, bc they will overpay if not caught, and if caught it delays closing and buyers are placed in a position on defaulting on the purchase agreement, which means bye-bye to any earnest money paid and the house being sold to someone else, or possibly a leaseback where the buyer has to pay money to the seller from the original closing date to the actual closing date.  Either way, that is a lot of money on the line, and USAA needs to improve this process.  My spouse and I love USAA and thought our 2d mtg experience was a fluke and we trusted USAA a 3rd time for another mtg and got hosed. I love USAA for banking, insurance, etc. and I really hope the mortgage dept gets put back together again.  Customers deserve it.

Thank you, I would like to hear from people who are happy in 2014-2015.  A lot can go wrong in a few years.

I have sent you my details.

Thank for sending in your details MJ76063


Here is a recent comment (the year is not listed but the commnet was posted 2/1/2015)


I will keep searching :)