I see a lot of disappointed and negative postings here and wanted to take a minute to put in my 2-cents worth.  My wife and I just bought a home in a small town outside Atlanta, GA.  It was an older home, on a lake, and in a flood plain so it was not an un-complicated purchase.  It was also the first time I had purchased a home in over 20 years.


USAA handled the entire process extremely smoothly.  I did have to provide a lot of documents dealing with the home to be purchased and my past history (bankruptcy, a previous foreclosure when my business failed 9 years ago, flood insurance, etc.), but the submission process was made trivially easy using online services and I could track the entire process with a few mouse clicks as things progressed.  Pre-approval of a loan made the home shopping and bidding easier and we got the house we wanted without a hitch.


I have been with USAA for almost 40 years and have never been disappointed in their services.  I cannot say that they have always been the best value on every service (auto insurance when my kids were teens was scary...), but I have never felt short-changed on the quality and professionalism of their offerings or handling.  Thanks USAA!



Your post has made my day. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am very glad to hear you have been happy with our services! Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else you need! We are so privileged to serve you! Thank you for your membership. 

Thanks KingOfCatan for the post.

I have to tell you that I have seen very few positive posts on USAA mortgages, and a frightening amount of negative posts. We are having a home being built so there are some incentives to using the builder's lender. However, like you, I have been with USAA for a long time and have never had bad service. Currently I think I have 3 savings, 3 checking, life ins, auto ins, home ins, renter ins, IRAs, margin acct, and regular investment accounts.  Just seems crazy not to trust the company that I have spent years trusting with everything else.

I think I will give them a shot, but be watchful.




I am so glad you are giving us a chance! Please keep us updated during the process and do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Thank you!