HORRIFIC ORDEAL with USAA Mortgage Loan Department

After almost 20 years of being a customer with USAA, during the last year I have experienced the worst service of my life. Last year I bought a new home and USAA lost my information twice, delayed the closing three times due to their errors, and virtually every realtor and closing agent disliked USAA based on their poor service and lack of communication. During this horrific ordeal, it forced me to take the situation up the organizational chart three supervisors just to get action from a Director. All of the individuals lacked the decency to call or email me back due to their mistakes. To top it all off when it was time to pay out on the escrow for taxes and insurance, I received a notice that they calculated the escrow in error and it required a payment increase of $684.22. In writing to six individuals who handled my loan, not one of them responded to any of my emails. Note: The emails were professional and requested an answer on how this failure could occur and what they are doing to fix it. !!HOMEOWNERS BEWARE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


As a penalty to USAA I have closed one savings account, moved insurance on 2 auto's, homeowners, trailer, and supplemental, as well as, moving an IRA; which still did not prompt any response from USAA.


RAW9459, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us in Community. We sincerely regret after 20 years of membership we are no longer your provider of choice for your insurance. We value your membership and years of loyalty and would like the opportunity to address your concerns and gather additional details. Thank you again for your post

Celeste it is pretty clear the third party contractors are screwing up on a momentous scale. USAA is losing business and loyal customers are leaving. What is being done to address this?

Bent Over Vet, please view my response here

Well I have been thinking of doing a refi on my Va loan but almost every post I have read on this forum has been disastrous. I'm not sure what I want to do now. I haven't had any issues with banking, credit card, home owners, and Auto insurance and seems like most have not either but have had terrible dealing with mortgage lending. Any recommendations on a different VA affiliated company to do business with?