I am not an unreasonable man for one.  By the looks of the posts here I understand there are many more people just like me out there getting a raw deal.  In the grand scheme of things I know I dont have a lot of money in play for USAA to care all that much but I AM A VETERAN and was promised great service.  That is the understatment of the century in regards to getting a home loan.  I have called to talk to XXXX XXXXXXXX so many times now I dont need to hear the automated messages I am already punching in the numbers to get to him.  His junior processor XXXXXXXX was assigned to my family and had been officially fired by us within three days.  This was due to her calling my wife and my wife asking for her to call back in an hour due to her driving and that she had received all information and was attempting to put it in the mail and had several questions.  Three days of emails and phone calls and no response at all.  So she was fired immeadiately due to her inability to answer a phone call or return an email.  XXXX was then on the job and told my wife and I that he was very sorry and he would do his best to get this straightened out.  We were relieved someone was answering the phone.  That was short lived and only lasted one week.  After the week wore on my wife attempted contact for four days and no response.  Being that I work and my wife works and my two kids demand any extra time, she ran out of patience and I began to call and attempt to figure out what is going on. Once reaching him that day he apologized and said there was no excuse for the lack of communication and then proceeded to tell me about the things needed. We happily obliged and forwarded all needed documents.  I called two days later to see how progress was and if there was anything else.  Of course he emailed my realtor ( I have no idea why) requesting documents from us.  This was after a week of no communication.  To top it off he told me to change  the coverage dates on my home policy because he would have it done before the last day of the contract.  Now to find out from my realtor again, apparently he still needs paperwork but wont return phone calls or emails I have no idea what he needs or why he is telling my realtor that the dates of coverage need to be changed back to the original dates.  There have been weeks of lapsed communication where any delays couldve been avoided and now im looking at having to move out of my rental and have no place to move to and not sure if it worked out for this house when i would even be able to do so.  BECAUSE NO ONE RETURNS PHONE CALLS. XXXX XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, XXXXX XXXX....IF YOU READ THIS CALL ME.


Dear NSDQ,

I want to first apologize for the lack of consistent communication. A mortgage specialist will be reaching out to you shortly. Please keep us updated of the progress you make, and thank you for taking the time to post here and thank you for your service.


*I have removed the full names of the represenatives to protect their personal information, but have passed your message along unchanged to management.

Thats the problem, management hasnt been doing their job for one, and they havent returned my phone calls either.  Multiple messages have been left.  I know they have received them due to the fact other employees have advised me that before they transfer me they have have IMed Jason and that he is in his office but yet refuses to take my calls.  I left a message saying simply that if the situation I am currently in isnt handled correctly  ( fixed with no further issues) then I will be taking every single cent I have invested with USAA and take it somewhere else.   As stated before I am sure that my multiple accounts dont add up to much, or that my three years isnt a major loss either.  However a home loan is a money maker for sure and not to mention my taking most of my personal time to advertise how horrible USAA has been and in this day and age and all the social media out there it will circulate in masses.  So I dont want to be transferred to Jason Leon who isnt doing anything anyways and is from my assumption is probably part of the problem.  

AMEN!!! I am an active duty USAF enlisted member and currently I am going thru horrible customer service by loan department too. I just post my experience for others to read. I am angry at myself that I did not rad these posts prior to applying USAA mortgage. From worker ant to king of the hill, USAA mortgage department is like ........( fill in blank as you see it fit) and to be stay away. My money, my time, I am the customer, yet they treat you like #2....very bad....