We are in process of selling our home, we have a USAA HELOC (home equity line of credit) from January 2006. Just found out from the title company that USAA reported 3 not 1 but 3 HELOC the initial loan, 07/2006 then another in 11/2006 all three total the amount of the actual original loan amount approved HELOC in January 2006 so why are they reporting three separate loans on three different dates but one loan number? Always seems to be something with USAA these days tried to call and get told “we don’t service HELOC” but in a current member with this account with you and in addition to that USAA denies the account exist when title company requested pay off I had to provide the 1098 and a screen shot cause USAA kept saying the account wasn’t mine.
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I am so sorry you experienced that. Here is the direct line to our HELOC team 855-764-4058.