I've never written an online review of anything, but this deserves something being said.  I recently purchased a home through USAA and I couldn't be happier.  The mortgage processer bent over backwards to help me through all kinds of contingencies, without complaint or attitude.  I realized that she was extremely busy but she took the time to deliver on everything we needed her to. 


I initially had started out with another lender, a subsidiary of USAA, and wasn't getting good vibes from that processor.  He wasn't responsive, didn't answer phone calls or emails.  I requested my pre-approval be dropped and went through USAA.  I had read the bad reviews about mortgages and heard the horror stories, but I had never had anything but good luck with them, so I gave it a go. 


I'm glad I did because they were without fault.  A+ for USAA, and A+ for my mortgage processor, Livia Long.  Thanks!


CW3 Cooper



Thank you for sharing your experience! We are so glad you were pleased with our mortgage services and with Liva!

Glad to hear some good feedback on mortgages with usaa.

My initial experience with USAA mortgage was fantastic. I was working for Chase Bank at the time and even though my employee rate there and the USAA rate were pretty much the same I went with USAA based on the service I had received from them through years. Through the whole application and closing process I knew I made the right decision. Even for the first few years my experience was great and then USAA sold the servicing of my mortgage to PHH and it has been a disaster ever since. Their website is atrocious, logging on is a nightmare, I have received dunning emails for a mortgage payment three days after they sent me an email confirming the payment (several times), I even received a misc fee charge for duplicate coupon book 11 years after they claimed I requested one(and that was the first notice, it took them a week to figure out why the were charging me $5). I have made several complaints to USAA which pretty much go ignored. Even a department entitled "Voice of the Member" or some such name pretty much just gives me lip service. A letter to Mr. Robles resulted in the same department making a half hearted attempt to contact me by leaving me one voicemail and calling it a day. When I finally made contact they stated "well we left you a message and assumed since we did not hear from you the matter was settled." (Note to "Voice of the Member" ; a high number of USAA members are in the Military and are subject to a High OPTEMPO environment where they may not be available for extended periods of time.)

I am still as pleased with USAA's other services as I have always been, but I'm thinking of re-financing with another lender just to get away from PHH. I just don't get how USAA can provide such great service to its members and turn around and partner with a poor service provider such as PHH and think its ok to allow its members to be treated to substandard performance and hide behind the "PHH owns the servicing of your mortgage and USAA cannot control them" line.


Chief, I'm glad your experience went well and congratulations on your new home, hopefully your mortgage servicing doesn't get sold to PHH.





This is certainly not the experience we would like you to have. If you could please email (socialmedia@usaa.com) details of your issues with PHH along with some personal details (like your member number and a phone number where you can be contacted) we would like to look into this. Thank you for taking time to share your feedback (the good and the bad). We are glad you have been pleased with our services thus far, and hope we can fix this current situation.


Thank you for your service.