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I called the bank last week to find out what my options are in regards to the govenment shutdown. I was told USAA has not made a decision and I would recieve a call with what USAA came up with. I logged onto the website since i have not recieved a call. To my surprise USAA is charging late fees to govenment workers who have not recieved a paycheck or dont when they will recieve one. I called and representive told me they offering a forbearance plan, basically compiling the months you could not pay into one payment. basically if I choose to a 3 month forbeance I will have to pay USAA over $7000 in mortgage payments in one month. Not to mention the late fees because the representive could not tell me if those are waived. WAY TO GO USAA. I looked at what other banks are doing, Wells Fargo, Navy Federal, Chase Bank. There is no comparison. USAA is way behind. I really hate USAA as my mortgage company!!!!! 


@JMD23, I regret to hear of your experience. I've submitted your information to a subject matter expert for review. Thank you. ~Holland


With roughly one-quarter of civil service being veterans, or family of veterans, the impact is huge.  Too bad USAA has deginerated over the years to its current state.  Since I joined USAA in 1974, it devolved from its “lofty” status to that of a mediocre service company.  Yes, credit unions can (and usually do) outperform all banks in fiducial respects (higher returns, lower interest rates, etc).  But banking with USAA was always more than about just was almost like family working with family.  Not any longer!  This “fake crisis” proves who has our backs.  And it ain’t USAA any longer.  Customer service, professionalism, and a finger on members’ pulse have all ‘left the building’.  At one point, between home loans; insurance; vehicle loans; savings; investments, etc my account ran close to $1M.  No longer.  I do still use USAA for car loans, a couple of illllllllld investmnents, and five 529 accounts for my grandkids.   But most of my money and home equity loan are with two credit unions.  USAA just grew too big, and lost track of why some Air Force officers chipped in to establish what became USAA.  Time for USAA to pull up its big boy pants and get back to basics.  Comments on these pages indicate the dissatisfaction among members.  USAA: read them and adjust fire.  If everyone making adverse comments DOES leave, USAA will founder.  Tchuss!!

@oldesoldier,  Thank you for your comments and for your membership. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team.

"Since I joined USAA in 1974", you kids get that?  you better help....your company has slid sideways way too much.

I was going to ask USAA how they recommend I handle my finances during the government shutdown since both myself and my brother are federal employees. But then I saw this thread. 

I WAS HOPING that USAA would be there for us during our time of need. 

It is disappointing to know that the help is limited to 2 agencies and that they are not offering deferred payments, cancelled late fees, etc. until after our pay is reinstated. All they should need is our gov't ID and an SF-50. 

I may consider changing to Navy Federal or another bank that has usable solutions during times of need.  

@armysunshineI understand your frustrations. We encourage you to reach back out so we can review your accounts and see if there are additional options. We have updated some of our offerings for impacted government employees. Thank you. -Emily

Yes, I was goin to refinance my car, move my mortgage over and also keep my car insurance with USAA and use my savings and checking a lot more and close it at VYSTAR CU but now after reading this thread and for USAA charging me almost triple on my car insurance this month Im actually going to close my acct and switch insurance companies very very soon. They are not supportive to my family and I in a time of need.

We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. Thank you @ArmyBro1991. -Emily