Six months ago, today, I moved into my new home in Arizona. I lived in Georgia for 21 years and when it came time to use my VA option, I was thinking USAA or NFCU for my loan. I am so glad I chose USAA. My loan was by no means a slam dunk, I had a previous bankrupcy, second home with late payments, moving cross country and I could continue on. However,  my USAA Representative, Samantha XXXXX, did a fantastic job of communicating what USAA needed and I just kept plugging away, one by one on the articles, she needed, until I had a completed loan with USAA. Being able to upload my documents to USAA was so much easier than faxing. I was so impressed with the service, my wife insisted I write about it to encourage any new buyers to use USAA for mortgage needs. Thanks USAA. 



We appreciate you taking the time to share your awesome mortgage experience! I am so glad to hear Samantha took such great care of you and your family. I will be sure to pass the kudos to her management. We are here for you if there is anything else you need. Please thank your wife for encouraging you to share your experience. Thank you for being a valued USAA member! 

Thanks for sharing that answers my question. Now my next question is what credit score does USAA require. Im currently in the mid 700's.



You would need to call into our bank at 1-800-531-8722. They will be happy to assist. Thank you.