My wife and I are in a nightmare mortgage situation. We are supposed to close on our home in 5 days but are likely to miss that date due to the incompetence of the USAA mortgage department. This company has missed every target date throughout this process. Keep in mind, these are dates that they gave us, not ones we set. My wife has submitted required documents within hours after requested. Our assigned USAA representative went on PTO for two weeks in the middle of our loan process and someone else was to manage our account. Evidently nothin was done during that two week period except for an email that was sent to my wife which incorrectly informed her that a document was not needed. That was on July 22. August 10, our rep requested that same document. This will likely push our closing date. I forgot to include the fact that the seller has the option to back out of the contract at this time because USAA has failed to provide financing within the time specified in the contract. I will never use USAA for a mortgage again. I should have known that the service would be less than desirable when I read the paperwork informing us that USAA sells home loans.


Had a similar issue with USAA's mortgage department when we moved to San Antonio from Ohio two years ago. Worst experience with a bank to date. They never even tried to make it right afterward. I still tell everyone I know and will NEVER use them for a mortgage ever again.

TN guy in OH,


I have posted to your original comment here. Thank you.