We are extremely frustrated with USAA mortgage dept. we are due to close in 3 weeks, I have no idea the status of our loan my realtor has called trying to get an update no one ever calls back, emails go unanswered. I even tried contacting the dept Sr team members and they have not responded to any of our request for information. No appraisal have been ordered yet and I am beyond disappointed to the poor customer service from this dept. we have been USAA customers for over 30yrs. It is making this a stressful ordeal. And I believe this is the worst customer service I have ever received!


I'm sorry you are having such a bad experience!!! I have also been a USAA costumer for a long time. I bought my first home with USAA in 2006 and great...HOWEVER... USAA sold the mortgage company to PHP and that was the worst thing they could have ever done!!! I ended up selling due to financial hardships and I was so thankful just to end our relationship with PHP. I would call USAA and ask them what you should do. I would hazard a guess that they will say they aren't affiliated but they are to an extent, and USAA backs them or else they wouldn't have them directly connected to their website. I would also remind USAA how long u have been a member and how impressed u r with them and could they pls. Help!!! I'm sure they would... You know som higher ups in the bank can get through to PHP. Good Luck... I'll pray for you.
Good luck Kimberly. Disappointing to hear this type of customer service is tolerated by USAA. I hope it works out for you and that you are able to close on time.

I had the same exact experience a year ago. The representatives I dealt with were nowhere near the caliber I normally associate with USAA. it was such a bad experience that I went with Wells Fargo instead. Until there is a major change with USAA mortgages, my business will continue to go elsewhere.

I had the same experience with my purchase in 2008 with USAA. They finally got everything to the table, but it came late and was very frustrating. I wanted updates and never got them. My loan was quickly sold off to another company too. Best of luck. I know it is frustrating, but they will get your loan done in time, but it will be stressful.


I escalated your comments late last week, and wanted to check in to make sure a specialist has been in touch to make sure you all are getting the services you need. Please keep us posted and do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything. Thank you.

Brianna, don't give people false hope. Beyond the usually very friendly processors, there will be no real rush on their part to do anything meaningful.....

I understand as well your frustration. I bought my first home with USAA in 2007 and now I'm purchasing my second home but the experience has been totally different and really frustrating. I was enrolled in the Mover's Advantage program and I was doing my own looking and suggesting places to look at which I informed the coordinator of when he called to check on a weekly basis. He told me that was backwards as well and he was sorry. When I finally found a home it's a short sale that takes longer I'm not looking to close until July but the prequalification letters are only good for 3 months. So when I called to extend three weeks out I was told to call back closer to the date, called back I was told the system was being switched and they could not do anything call back the following Friday. I was told the same thing again becoming very frustrated and I was appalled when I was told seek a loan elsewhere and come back to USAA to refinance they would be happy too!  After speaking to several reps I spoke to a supervisor who just repeated everything the representatives said shortly I recieved a message to call back Monday the state was added to the new system. I had to redo a  whole application because the information doesn't transfer from one system to the other and I was on the phone for over 90 minutes mostly on hold after all that the expiration date is a month from tomorrow really?

Update on our progress.....after 3 weeks of trying to an answer, progress report basically any word on our loan, I was informed our paperwork was never received (which was not true dine I had tracking numbers showing it had) and their excuse for not moving forward on my loan was due to system switchover which I informed them is NO excuse for poor customer service. So I am now working with a local lender who is awesome and saving us $4000 in closing fees over USAA fees....we will never use USAA for any of our financial services. Good insurance rate but their mortgage service are some of the worst.

My experience exactly......   expect to NOT close on time, have to extend your contract, and get slammed with a 1/8 point fee to extend your rate lock!!!

I am having the same experience. I sent in the documents required with the initial packet, then went a week with no word. Finally heard from my loan processor (which was one of the 2 times that i have spoken to him) a few days later. Gave me the generic "we will contact you when we get more information" speech. I have emailed, faxed, or mailed in every document that I can think of. I check online almost every day to make sure that I am on top of this. I feel like I am the loan processor- The most frustrating thing is that when I call, he is never there and I leave pointless messages that never get returned. I have even left a message for his supervisor that hasn't been returned. The documents that finally showed up on the "to-do" list are all ones that I mailed in with the original packet. When i finally got to speak with someone, she said that she sees the documents, but due to their new system...the underwriters must have overlooked them. NOT MY PROBLEM. My purchase is the 2nd of 3 sales, and needs to run smoothly in order for my father-in-law to purchase his new house...and it is not. There have been things that I have mentioned maybe 3-4 times. It is like i am a stranger every time I call. I am more than upset and I should have listened when the family told me to go through a different company. There is no reason why their dereliction of duty should be our burden to bear. If I don't do my job...I would get fired. Plain and simple.